What is Sweatcoin? Move to Earn project with more than 60 million users.

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Recently, the cryptocurrency market has a new trend of Move to Earn, the leading STEPN (GMT) platform has created a boom with millions of participants in a short time and GMT has increased many times after list Binance.

Move to Earn has created a more positive change than previous trends. When people can monetize health-promoting physical fitness activities.

One of those projects that stands out is Sweatcoin (SWEAT). The first Move to Earn platform on the Near Protocol ecosystem is coming soon.

What is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin is a free Move to Earn app that rewards players with SWEAT tokens based on the number of steps they take in a day. Through which they can use to buy products, do charity or trade crypto.

Sweatcoin connects to Google Fit, Apple Fit or the default fitness app on your mobile device to measure your daily steps. From there, people can walk or jog in the gym or outdoors to use Sweatcoin.

What’s special about Sweatcoin?

Unlike other M2E projects, Sweatcoin is an application that has been built for a long time since 2016. The project has a large user community with more than 64 million users from 30 countries registered to use it. application on iOS and Android.

Before that, the app still allowed users to earn Sweatcoin and then use it to exchange items from Sweatcoin partners. For every 1,000 steps you will earn 1 sweatcoin.

Sweatcoin is also partnering with healthcare and social insurance services to help motivate people to exercise.

In 2021, the project has linked with more than 600 partners together to build an exchange market for Sweatcoin. Only in Q4 of 2021, the Sweatcoin project provided over $200M worth of goods to the Move to Earn community. Thereby helping to make Sweatcoin the leading application in the field of M2E.

Sweatcoin has more than 600 partner units built together.

Features of Sweat Economy

According to available sources, Sweat Economy will basically still have the basic features of the Sweatcoin app.

Daily 2x Boost
Every day players will be able to participate in the Daily 2x Boost challenge. This challenge allows users to pick a 20-minute period of the day when they are most active, taking the most steps.

During this time, users will get double the number of steps when the challenge ends.

Features x2 Sweatcoin.

Daily Rewards
Every day, Sweat coin will give you 3 rewards corresponding to 3 tasks per day:

The first two tasks are to watch promotional videos to receive a gift. Each gift box will have a random reward from 0 to 1000 $SWEAT.

The third quest is the “Walk 1,000 Stepn” quest. For every 1,000 steps you will receive 0.95 $SWEAT. Up to a day players can get 9.6 $SWEAT corresponding to 10,000 steps.

Daily quest in Sweatcoin.

Shop and Bid

To create more value to promote Move to Earn, Sweatcoin allows users to exchange SWEAT points for cash vouchers and other valuable gifts.

In the Marketplace of Sweatcoin there are two main sections:

Shop: Users will use their SWEAT token to redeem discount vouchers when shopping for brands such as: Pay Pal, NetFlix, Adidas, Amazon, etc.

Bid: Users can use Sweat to bid on valuable items that Sweat sets.

Shop and Bidding in Sweatcoin


Charity campaigns such as Sweatcoin for Good to support charities carrying out events such as: Supporting children’s mental health, Building a water well in Guinea,…

Sweatcoin has grown for a long time thanks to cooperation with more than 100 charities such as: Lonely Whale, Cancer Research, African Wildlife,…

In addition, Sweatcoin is an official partner of Save the Children International (SCI), commonly known as Save the Children. It is an international NGO that promotes children’s rights, provides relief and support to children in developing countries.

Users can join the campaign by donating SWEAT tokens to those charity campaigns.

Charity activities from Sweatcoin.

What is Sweat Token?

SWEAT is Sweatcoin’s new governance token built on the NEAR Blockchain. The SWEAT coin is used in the following activities:

. Pay for goods and services from great brands on the Sweatcoin app.
. Participate in charity campaigns.
. Make gas fees.
. Administration.
. Rewards for participating in Staking.

Basic information about SWEAT token:

Token Name: Sweatcoin
Ticker: SWEAT
Blockchain: NEAR
Token Standard: NEAR
Contract: Updating…
Token Type: Utility & Governance.
Total Supply: 22,000,000,000 SWEAT.
At the TGE (Token Generation Event), all the Sweatcoins previously earned by players will be converted into SWEAT tokens.


The project was attended by many famous investors such as: OKX Blockdream, Spartan Capital,… In addition, some famous cryptocurrency founders such as: Do Kwon (Terra), Sandeeep Nailwal (Polygon), Bjorn Wargner (Polkadot) also participated in the construction of the project.

Backer of Sweatcoin.


Sweatcoin is a Move to Earn app with many practical applications. Their purpose is not only to help people exercise, but also to contribute a lot to the community by meaningful activities through charity programs.

With all the information provided above, I hope that Sweat coin will be one of the leading M2E platforms in the world.

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