What is Sweatcoin? Move to Earn project with more than 60 million users.

What is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin is a free Move to Earn app that rewards players with SWEAT tokens based on the number of steps they take in a day. Through which they can use to buy products, do charity or trade crypto.

What’s special about Sweatcoin?

Unlike other M2E projects, Sweatcoin is an application that has been built for a long time since 2016. The project has a large user community with more than 64 million users from 30 countries registered to use it. application on iOS and Android.

Sweatcoin has more than 600 partner units built together.

Features of Sweat Economy

According to available sources, Sweat Economy will basically still have the basic features of the Sweatcoin app.

Features x2 Sweatcoin.
Daily quest in Sweatcoin.
Shop and Bidding in Sweatcoin
Charity activities from Sweatcoin.

What is Sweat Token?

SWEAT is Sweatcoin’s new governance token built on the NEAR Blockchain. The SWEAT coin is used in the following activities:

Basic information about SWEAT token:

Token Name: Sweatcoin
Ticker: SWEAT
Blockchain: NEAR
Token Standard: NEAR
Contract: Updating…
Token Type: Utility & Governance.
Total Supply: 22,000,000,000 SWEAT.
At the TGE (Token Generation Event), all the Sweatcoins previously earned by players will be converted into SWEAT tokens.


The project was attended by many famous investors such as: OKX Blockdream, Spartan Capital,… In addition, some famous cryptocurrency founders such as: Do Kwon (Terra), Sandeeep Nailwal (Polygon), Bjorn Wargner (Polkadot) also participated in the construction of the project.

Backer of Sweatcoin.


Sweatcoin is a Move to Earn app with many practical applications. Their purpose is not only to help people exercise, but also to contribute a lot to the community by meaningful activities through charity programs.



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